Areas of Operation

Intellectual properties: Searches, Registrations, oppositions, Revocations, Renewals, Office-Actions, Compliance.

Corporate: incorporation, join-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, Investment agreements, drafting of transaction documents, litigation ,foreign exchange advisory.

Civil litigation: Suits under specific Relief’s, Summary Suits, Rent Control, Suits for Infringement of Intellectual Property.v

Criminal litigation: All types of summary and Regular Cases, Bails and Sessions.

Family Litigation: Successions, marriage and divorce under all special as well as personal laws.

Co-operative Court Litigation and , Trusts Registration and Litigation.

Conveyancing: Deeds, Documents, Contracts.

Revenue Matters: RTS appeals and revisions before MRT and Commissioner.

DRT and Banking (SARFESI) and Consumer Protection.

Appearance and pleading before various tribunals including the disciplinary committee of Chartered Accountants for professional negligence.